At The Gate of Sethu CD
At The Gate of Sethu CD At The Gate of Sethu CD At The Gate of Sethu CD


At The Gate of Sethu CD

Artist: NILE
Label: Nuclear Blast
Price: 14€

Release Year: 2012
Artist Origin: USA
Style: eclectic intense technical death metal

ambitious seventh full-length of unstoppable overlords of extremity brings down into the depths of ominous catacombs to torture listeners' souls with their darkest tunes in a long time, more than in few occasional moments returning back to the first three album era with massive sound walls of lethal doomy atmosphere, not to forget the Middle Eastern scales either; regardless of similarities and feeling you have heard such insane whirlwind of scales, arpeggios, complex solos, relentless drumming and dissonant riffs before, the flesh-stripping, hyper-intense material of fevered nightmares plants evil emotions into the hearts, brains and ears of all involved in the ritual, where the crushing Kafir! sounds the most devastating and memorable