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Using Ledo Takas shopping cart system is the fastest and easiest way to order. Simply click "add to cart" button next to an item, and it will be added to your order. When you want to see your shopping cart status, or to check out, just click cart button in upper right, and you'll be prompted to the right page. This method gets your order processed the fastest way possible, as it gives us all the information we need, in the most effective manner.

To make an order, you have the following options:
I) register your personal account with Ledo Takas webshop, entering your details in full. You get a login and password, you get an access to up-to-date information about your order status, view your order history, see the transactions, and this allows you to order much easier each next time you visit Ledo Takas webshop.
II) make an order as a guest with some features of a registered account missing.
III) e-mail - we accept e-mail orders only if you are not able to order through the shopping cart for some reason. Just e-mail tadas [at] ledotakas [dot] net, and make sure you include all relevant information about the items you want to order, your full name and full delivery address, preferred method of payment, etc.


I) by PayPal - after your order is processed, you'll be re-directed to the PayPal page, then please folow their instructions. Payments are possible to make in € [Euro] or U$D [American Dollars] only. All payments shall be made payable to vsi "Baltijos Muzikos Projektai", paypal address is t [at] ledotakas [dot] net;
II) by bank wire transfer - ask about the account details from tadas [at] ledotakas [dot] net
III) by well-hidden cash in registered/recommended letter under your own risk - let us know about this way of payment in advance, to tadas [at] ledotakas [dot] net address. Ledo Takas takes no responsibility for stolen/missing cash!


I) All goods are shipped in a strong and safe packaging.
II) All orders are collected and packed instantly, and shipped in 24 [twenty four] hours after the payment is fully completed.
III) Ordered goods are held for 7 [seven] days after the order is placed. After this term expires, all unpaid orders are cancelled and goods are returned back to the stock.
IV) If your parcel gets returned due to incorrect or incomplete delivery address, or nobody is able to pick it during the delivery, we can ship it again only with the additional postage cost payment provided in full by the buyer.
V) Damaged items during the transportation is not Ledo Takas responibility, for the damage occured you must complain at the receipt of your parcel directly to your post office. Ledo Takas takes responibility only for factory defected items - such goods can always be returned, and money will be returned back to you too. Please ask tadas [at] ledotakas [dot] net for return delivery address.


All prices are stated in Euros [€] and American dollars [$], but you can also pay in Brittish pound or any other strong currency, yet always calculate the official Euro rate.


All shipments are processed by priority mail with an international tracking number.
The following packing & postage rates are in force as of March 1st 2023:

Standard rates [EU countries]:
8.50 euro, when order total is up to 30 €
11.00 euro, when order total is from 30 € to 75 €
17.00 euro, when order total is from 75 € to 150 €
40.00 euro, when order total is over 150 €

Heavy rates [EU countries]:
11.00 euro, when order total is up to 30 €
17.00 euro, when order total is from 30 € to 75 €
40.00 euro, when order total is over 75 €

Standard rates [other countries]:
15.50 euro, when order total is up to 30 €
31.50 euro, when order total is from 30 € to 75 €
64.00 euro, when order total is from 75 € to 150 €
105.00 euro, when order total is over 150 €

Heavy rates [other countries]:
31.50 euro, when order total is up to 30 €
64.00 euro, when order total is from 30 € to 75 €
105.00 euro, when order total is over 75 €

Standard rates mean CD, DVD, tape, 7”EP vinyl, t-shirt, girlie, kid shirt, patch, badge, poster formats.
Heavy rates mean 10”MLP vinyl, 12”LP vinyl, longsleeve shirt, sweatshirt, workshirt, hoodie, boxset and magazine formats.
If your order includes at least one item of heavy format, postage price will be calculated according to the heavy rate.


The payment form has a secure system [SSL] that will keep all of your information secure when shopping on our site.


Latest additions to the catalogue always appear in New Arrivals section. Again available items always appear in Restock section.


All new vinyl releases are unplayed and come in excellent condition. Part of them are factory sealed.
Some older records are used - feel free to ask in detail before ordering.


All magazines are written in English, unless mentioned otherwise in item description.


min. - minutes, # - hand-numbered /limited edition, AUS - Australia, AUT - Austria, BEL - Belgium, BLR - Belarus, BRA - Brazil, BUL - Bulgaria, CAN - Canada, CHI - Chile, CZE - Czech, COL - Colombia, CUB - Cuba, CYP - Cyprus, DEN - Denmark, ENG - England, EST - Estonia, FIN - Finland, FRA - France, GER - Germany, GRE - Greece, GUA - Guatemala, HON – Honduras, HUN - Hungary, ICE - Iceland, IND - India, IDN - Indonesia, ISR - Israel, IRE - Ireland, ITA - Italy, JPN - Japan, LAT - Latvia, LTU - Lithuania, MLS - Malaysia, MON - Monaco, NED - Nederlands, NEP - Nepal, NOR - Norway, NZL - New Zealand, PER - Peru, PHI - Phillipines, POL - Poland, POR - Portugal, ROM - Romania, RUS - Russia, SAL - Salvador, SAR - South Africa, SCO - Scotland, SER - Serbia, SIN - Singapore, SLO - Slovakia, SPA - Spain, SWE - Sweden, SWI - Switzerland, TAI - Taiwan, THA - Thailand, TUR - Turkey, UKR - Ukraine, WAL - Wales, YUG - Yugoslavia.