Witchcraft LP
Witchcraft LP Witchcraft LP Witchcraft LP


Witchcraft LP

Label: Rise Above

Release Year: 2018
Artist Origin: SWE
Style: psychedelic doom metal / hard rock

Magnus Pelander, most notably inspired by Pentagram, has started this nowadays household name of psychedelic heavy rock along few fellow musicians in 2000 - four years later the doom world has heard this name way much louder, as the music they have presented on debut longplay [2004] had a feeling of authentic seventies, travelled through time into our days; bluesy, groovy and catchy vintage rock music with a very distinctive voice of Magnus was still far away from any kind of trends, so the Swedes have basically set this whole revivalist movement; recent 30th Rise Above label anniversary edition on exclusive gold sparkle vinyl is limited to 1000 units