Anthologie Noire 2CD
Anthologie Noire 2CD Anthologie Noire 2CD Anthologie Noire 2CD


Anthologie Noire 2CD

Label: Drakkar
Price: 18€

Release Year: 2013
Artist Origin: FRA
Style: fundamental raw underground black metal

the hordes of French Les Légions Noires back in time were usually enough with demo releases in tape format - up until now their sick unholy dark arts have not been transmitted onto laser disk and released on CD; this official two disk set features the classic material of The Return Of The Unweeping ‎demo [1994], Celtic Poetry demo [1994], Into Frosty Madness demo [1995], Dans Notre Chute... demo [1996], The Black Legions demo [1998], which is a tribute to the whole Black Legions movement, covering three Mütiilation, two Belketre and one Brenoritvrezorkre songs, and five rare rehearsal tracks on top of it - an essential collection of purely satanic rituals!