Terminal Redux 2LP
Terminal Redux 2LP Terminal Redux 2LP Terminal Redux 2LP


Terminal Redux 2LP

Artist: VEKTOR
Label: Earache
Price: 28€

Release Year: 2016
Artist Origin: USA
Style: intricate technical progressive thrash metal

third longplay by one of the most gifted teams in new millennium extreme metal, led by David DiSanto, is just a wow thing, a jaw-dropping experience in ten parts, where most of compositions surpass seven minute mark, but never sound forced or over-crammed with unnecessary pretentiousness; it is intense, dynamic and technical above the standard thrash mark, taking music's progressions which are in abundance beyond the spheres to match up perfectly its sci-fi concept with tasty, convincing, mesmerizing result - it will be hard to better this!; British gatefold sleeve double black vinyl edition comes with a pro-printed lyric insert