Necrolust MCD
Necrolust MCD Necrolust MCD Necrolust MCD


Necrolust MCD

Artist: VADER
Label: Witching Hour
Price: 10€

Release Year: 2015
Artist Origin: POL
Style: rough relentless thrashing death metal

regardless that Vader have been active in one way or another since 1983, a real push forward towards more furious sound has coincided with time when the band was reinforced by a drummer genius Docent, while guitar player Peter has taken over vocals as well, started writing English lyrics - early in 1989 they have nailed down four cuts for this fundamental demo tape, that later were also used for a kult debut longplay; Polish label now gives a perfect chance to check how historical tracks have been sounding at their early stage, renewing edition with a remastered sound and booklet design