Горизонты... [Horizons...] CD
Горизонты... [Horizons...] CD Горизонты... [Horizons...] CD Горизонты... [Horizons...] CD


Горизонты... [Horizons...] CD

Label: CD-Maximum

Release Year: 2003
Artist Origin: RUS
Style: majestic epic folklore pagan metal

sophomore full-length opus by much talked about entity was thoroughly worked out, covering all aspects from recording to production to layout and presentation - its majestic Slavonic pagan metal music with fair sheer of traditional folk heritage and ideologically radical attitude bears unbelievable strength: proudly warlike guitar riffs give way to ancestral woodwinds under a massive support of lush vocal delivery, thundering drums and background atmospheric keyboards; authentic Russian edition of collectically voted the strongest Temnozor album to date with all lyrics printed in the booklet