Svartir Sandar 2LP
Svartir Sandar 2LP Svartir Sandar 2LP Svartir Sandar 2LP


Svartir Sandar 2LP

Label: Season of Mist

Release Year: 2017
Artist Origin: ICE
Style: psychedelic post black metal rock

a spellbinding, cold and psychedelic trip to the outskirts of human emotions, heathen sublimity, unfathomably moving manifest, as indomitable as Iceland's nature - these are just a few accolades that Northern phenomena got for their grandiose emotional double opus [2011], which is indeed a remarkably stunning achievement, taking the emotional metamorphosis of these individualists close to perfection; musically it is a mind-boggling and unique mixture of dark metal, psychedelic passions and an eerily rocking groove gushes, just like a hot geyser!; recent gatefold sleeve double two-coloured transparent/red vinyl edition is limited to 400 units