Satans Conjuration CD
Satans Conjuration CD Satans Conjuration CD Satans Conjuration CD


Satans Conjuration CD

Artist: SODOM
Label: Death Valley 69
Price: 20€

Release Year: 2009
Artist Origin: GER
Style: menacing savage blackened thrash metal

first part of collector's bootleg from South America, presented here as a mythic Witchhammer recording, is none other but eight track Victims of Death demo tape [1984], laying foundation for gritty, intense sound of blackened thrash, where kult Satans Conjuration composition was later adjusted and recorded again for the seminal Persecution Mania album, while the second part happens to be a live recording from early era, nailed in Essen on December 1st 1984, where Outbreak of Evil, Blasphemer and Burst Command Till War sound among the other tracks, quickly turning into a guiding star for the entire extreme metal underground, adding also Venom 1000 Days In Sodom cover, in reality recorded in mid nineties