Slave To The Grind CD
Slave To The Grind CD Slave To The Grind CD Slave To The Grind CD


Slave To The Grind CD

Artist: SKID ROW
Label: Atlantic
Price: 12€

Release Year: 1991
Artist Origin: USA
Style: expressive savage heavy metal / hardrock

who could guess back in the day that entity, established in 1986, with vague relation to Bon Jovi sticking them a glam label, in five years would become the first heavy metal ensemble in history to reach the top of Billboard lists [Metallica has followed few months later] - this sophomore album by New Jersey five-piece was far from trivial or predictable, while its dark contents with profound ideas and ambitious backup have swept away the bubble gum image media tried to tangle these guys with, where quite diverse song structures have been attracting audiences of both traditional hard rock and heavier metal from Twisted Sister to Megadeth; recent European edition comes with authentic design