Of The Depths... LP
Of The Depths... LP Of The Depths... LP Of The Depths... LP


Of The Depths... LP

Label: Hells Headbangers

Release Year: 2017
Artist Origin: FRA
Style: energetic straightforward menacing death metal

certain duo from Lille have been crafting vicious old school death metal, primarily inspired by classic Swedish bands, since 2012, finally amusing the die-hard fanbase with the damn robust and energetic debut longplay, approaching the specific evocative production with outstanding rhythmic section at the front and vocals echoing in the distance, simultaneously setting quite a haunting atmosphere to nine ominous tracks - it sounds like a treasured discovery for anyone into first records of Dismember as well as Time Shall Tell and Of Darkness... era Therion!; red black-splattered vinyl edition with pro-printed lyric insert and additional A2 sized poster is limited to 400 units, US import