Sexual Carnage LP
Sexual Carnage LP Sexual Carnage LP Sexual Carnage LP


Sexual Carnage LP

Label: Cogumelo / Greyhaze
Price: 32€

Release Year: 2014
Artist Origin: BRA
Style: raw blasphemous straightforward black metal

at the time when Sepultura was already breaking through internationally, the underdogs of uncompromising radical Brazilian metal golden generation have spewed out their debut longplay [1990], following the authentic direction from mid eighties - it was quite logical with few of band members earlier getting experience with Sarcófago, while at this next stage they have made sure to give as much sharpness and aggression to savage gritty blackened sound as possible, pouring out rage with provoking lyrics in spades; recent gatefold sleeve black 180g vinyl edition with a remastered sound and additional pro-printed inlay including extra vintage images is limited to 700 units, US import