Spellbound CD DIGI
Spellbound CD DIGI Spellbound CD DIGI Spellbound CD DIGI


Spellbound CD DIGI

Artist: SADIST
Label: Scarlet
Price: 15€

Release Year: 2018
Artist Origin: ITA
Style: intricate progressive technical death metal

Italian visionaries of death metal intricacy choose once again a peculiar theme for entire album, this time paying homage to the master of horror, the British film-maker Alfred Hitchcock, where all lyric stories deal with his movies, while cover art refers to several of them either, done with sincere dedication and attention to detail; musically it is essential Sadist with its off-key rhythmic breaks and enigmatic keyboard lines behind heavy and aggressive enough metal base setting up a special progressively-directed atmosphere; Italian first press three panel digipak edition comes with twelve page booklet