Harbinger of Metal CD
Harbinger of Metal CD Harbinger of Metal CD Harbinger of Metal CD


Harbinger of Metal CD

Label: Spikefarm / Season of Mist
Price: 13€

Release Year: 2005
Artist Origin: FIN
Style: somber apocalyptic monumental doom metal

proclaimed a legend while still being an active band, the glorious Finnish three-piece has firmly conquered the throne of apocalyptic doom metal with slow, bombastic, yet pure and piercing music, and this immaculate 73 minute long "mini album" [2003] with culminating amazing adaptation of Burzum Dunkelheit, that followed the band's debut full-length, has turned into one of the meanest steps in a row of growing success - especially charismatic figures and compositional genius settle such a groundbreaking result that makes the listener re-consider doom genre as such; US import