Tūkstantmetis CD
Tūkstantmetis CD Tūkstantmetis CD Tūkstantmetis CD


Tūkstantmetis CD

Artist: OBTEST
Label: Ledo Takas
Price: 12€

Release Year: 2007
Artist Origin: LTU
Style: relentless monumental pagan black metal

cult relentless warlike pagan black metal epos, that was highly important in development of primeval heathen metal genre all around - eight monumental tracks burn with primordial hatred and bitter emotions of ages past - debut album from 1997 tells the story of extinct Prussian tribes anf their fight against christian invasion; collectors' slipcase re-issue comes with enhanced booklet, featuring full set of lyrics and their English translations, as well as liner notes by Sadlave!