Gyvybės Medis PLP
Gyvybės Medis PLP Gyvybės Medis PLP Gyvybės Medis PLP


Gyvybės Medis PLP

Artist: OBTEST
Label: Osmose
Price: 16€

Release Year: 2008
Artist Origin: LTU
Style: majestic epic harmonious pagan metal

pagan metal heralds bear the Lithuanian flag forth!, this is presumedly the finest Obtest album to date, where archaic melodics harmoniously intertwine with powerful heavy metallic production, courtesy by Wieslawcy brothers of Hertz studio, and Gints Lundbergs of Phoenix studio; epic choruses and crazy solos are of exceptional quality, and every song gushes like a particular musical etude, comprising alltogether the mythological Tree of Life; exclusive picture disk edition comes with cardboard insert, featuring all lyrics, as well as a sonic surprise, exclusive only to this version, to be discovered after putting this gorgeous piece of wax unto your turntable!, limited printrun of 500 units