Blood & Vomit LP
Blood & Vomit LP Blood & Vomit LP Blood & Vomit LP


Blood & Vomit LP

Label: Season of Mist / Displeased

Release Year: 2004
Artist Origin: NOR
Style: sick perverse satanic black metal

solo debut longplay of Carpathian Forest mastermind, though no shredding show off material here for sure - it is simply the lavatory of sick, true, perverted, primitive, satanic and narrow-minded Norwegian black metal!; basicly continuing CF tradition, directly shitting & pissing on everything possible and impossible, just a bit harder - extremely raw, dirty-produced, all trend-crushing record takes absolutely no prisoners; features guest appearance by Nordavind, Vrangsinn and Kulde, and includes Beherit The Gate Of Nanna cover; authentic black vinyl edition with pro-printed insert and lyrics is limited to 500 units