Scum CD
Scum CD Scum CD Scum CD


Scum CD

Label: Earache
Price: 15€

Release Year: 1987
Artist Origin: ENG
Style: fundamental devastating extreme rebellious grindcore

the pioneering, milestone record of grindcore as a subgenre of extreme and violent music takes hardcore punk roots, shifting the focus to ungodly speed, momentous expression and brevity, chainsaw guitar sound and croaked, completely unintelligible vocals; since early line-up was quite unstable, this disc consists of two recording sessions with different musicians, featuring early appearance by Lee Dorian [Cathedral] on insanely high vocals, as well as Justin Broadrick [Godflesh] and Bill Steer [Carcass] on guitars, while cover artwork was accomplished by none other but Jeff Walker [Carcass]; recent British edition comes with authentic design