Ritual. CD DIGI
Ritual. CD DIGI Ritual. CD DIGI Ritual. CD DIGI


Ritual. CD DIGI

Label: not on label
Price: 25€

Release Year: 2017
Artist Origin: CZE
Style: mesmerizing occult mysterious black metal

exceptionally glorious ancient occult black metal - the debuting full-length [1991] of Czech visionaries, that helped to shape the expressive and innovative genre, with an own idea and vision expanding its understanding as well - it was unbelievably difficult task for a band from Eastern block; riff based, Bathory school inspired, it has also brought a peculiar impressive atmosphere due to dramatic pseudo-symphonic keyboard sound and haunting Czech sung vocals by František Štorm; recent self-released three panel digipak edition comes with authentic cover colouring and illustrations used only on the first edition, original sound, new liner notes and two rare bonus versions of Zapálili jsme onen svět and Géniové, taken from Ultrametal compilation [1990]