Dead Man's Path LP+CD
Dead Man's Path LP+CD Dead Man's Path LP+CD Dead Man's Path LP+CD


Dead Man's Path LP+CD

Label: Century Media

Release Year: 2015
Artist Origin: USA
Style: straightforward crushing intense death metal

five year in works, twelfth full-length by one of the longest run Floridian death metal band has turned into an epitaph for Brett Hoffmann, who sang for the last time here before his untimely passing, while the band is damn focused on these ten hymns to the genre they have helped to establish: sharp and creative, crushingly heavy and dynamic, yet attentive to detail, mutually celebrating the return of more variation in tempos - that is the framework of MC we all know and appreciate the most!; deluxe black 180g vinyl edition comes with a pro-printed four page insert, two-sided poster and bonus CD version of the album, featuring two extra re-recorded songs from Stillborn era