I am God MCD
I am God MCD I am God MCD


I am God MCD

Artist: KRYPT
Label: Agonia
Price: 9€

Release Year: 2007
Artist Origin: NOR
Style: powerful sharp grim black metal

after Tsjuder has gone into hiatus phase, Nag and Desecrator started over a new project of raw black metal, no less harmful and devastating, while the late Trondr Nefas [ex.Kvist, Urgehal] and Vrangsinn [ex.Carpathian Forest, Hatepulse] joined the core for live shows; these two songs were recorded by the first attempt of a new ensemble, and actually differ from versions that ended up on debut album - it sounds as a symbolic statement about the serious intentions of TNBM milieu, the part of which Krypt actually are!