Mortal Memories MLP
Mortal Memories MLP Mortal Memories MLP Mortal Memories MLP


Mortal Memories MLP

Label: Nasphyr / Maximed
Price: 20€

Release Year: 2013
Artist Origin: CZE
Style: energetic straightforward thrash/death metal

this exclusive EP release features a clash of the past and present material by Czech death metal legends: tracks on side A are taken from three different 1988's demos, re-recorded with English lyrics, decent production and harder punch in late 1996, while side B features alternate versions of Orthodox and Slavery from the same studio session; they managed to push quite primitive songs further proving that Krabathor were a force to be taken seriously from the very start!; recent gatefold sleeve black vinyl edition with pro-printed inner sleeve and A2 sized poster is limited 399 units