Gleipnirs Smeder CD
Gleipnirs Smeder CD Gleipnirs Smeder CD Gleipnirs Smeder CD


Gleipnirs Smeder CD

Label: Satanas / Candlelight

Release Year: 2006
Artist Origin: NOR
Style: grim cold dissonant black metal

the grim forces of both ex.Gorgoroth darklords, King and Kvitrafn respectfully, have joined forces for this obscure and now put on hold project, which has started really promising with this seven track debut longplay, inspired by Nordic forefathers and heritage; dark and cold black metal is performed in quite a dissonant manner, far before it has turned into another trend - album was released on black metal sublabel of cult dark neofolk company Cold Spring Records, with hollow ambient interludes making a certain patern too; US import