10 Steps to Hell CD
10 Steps to Hell CD 10 Steps to Hell CD 10 Steps to Hell CD


10 Steps to Hell CD

Label: Candlelight
Price: 12€

Release Year: 2005
Artist Origin: NOR
Style: diabolic groovy black death metal

freaky brutalizing sophomore album of this international crew, featuring Anti Christian [Tsjuder] on drums, Lust Kilman [The Battalion, God Seed] on all guitars, and Frediablo [ex.Necrophagia] on vocals, was recorded in the North, confirming their old school blackened and groovy death/thrash metal ambitions; there is no other way here but to bang the fuckin' head, as this is a real lethal jackhammer tearing right through the extreme senses - mess and destruction, diabolic abduction!; limited British slipcase edition