Prawo Stali CD
Prawo Stali CD Prawo Stali CD


Prawo Stali CD

Label: Warheart
Price: 12€

Release Year: 2014
Artist Origin: POL
Style: grim warlike epic pagan metal

five gorgeous hymns of epic heathen metal purist are those that is a task to better: deep, thumping, warlike and driving drums, imperious synths and most importantly - big, heavy riffs create an intense and visceral blend of sounds, while massive, dramatic and extremely catchy compositions place the listener right in the midst of the battle; this ultimate Polish sung re-issue of Creed of Iron [2000] comes with a remixed and remastered in 2011 sound, new layout plus two Raise Your Sword! mini album [2001] tracks - vocals for the latter were recorded in spring of 2009