Carpathian Wolves MC
Carpathian Wolves MC Carpathian Wolves MC Carpathian Wolves MC


Carpathian Wolves MC

Label: Eastclan / Oriana / Kolovrat

Release Year: 2001
Artist Origin: POL
Style: epic mystical ferocious black metal

dedicated to the Temple of Fullmoon, debut full-length by Eastern European mystical black/pagan metal kult dates back to 1994, and is considered one of the most significant works of Rob 'Darken' Fudali: still knee-deep with primal, grim and ferocious approach, music shows certain signs of epic proportions, brimming with intense mesmerizing atmosphere and peculiar Slavonic spirit, with drummer Capricornus and mad bass player Karcharoth [Infernum] contributing to its timeless glory; rare tape edition by historical Ukrainian label comes with pro-printed inlay