Considered Dead LP
Considered Dead LP Considered Dead LP


Considered Dead LP

Label: Roadrunner / Listenable

Release Year: 2016
Artist Origin: CAN
Style: intense menacing technical death metal

it was not so easy for a Canadian band to break through into the death metal elite of classic era, as competition was immense, yet their debut longplay [1991] has left no questions unanswered - far from many have been sowing death in such a technical and refined way; the spirit of Morrisound studio and genius of Scott Burns was a big part of it as well, yet unique sound of music and skull-smashing musicianship helped to break the new grounds way before other bands have even been started; some tracks feature guest appearance by Chris Barnes [vocals] and James Murphy [guitar]; first time in twenty five years - black vinyl re-issue with pro-printed cardboard lyric insert, limited to 300 units