Mindloss 2LP
Mindloss 2LP Mindloss 2LP Mindloss 2LP


Mindloss 2LP

Label: Nuclear Blast / Back On Black
Price: 30€

Release Year: 2019
Artist Origin: NED
Style: dark savage intense death metal

utterly dark, intense and brutal longplay debut by Dutch death metal legends [1991] was an outcome of youthful zeal and relentless energy, firmly mastering the skills of new menacing and loud genre - all cuts minus Mental Misery were born in early demo stage, tracked first on Tangled In Gore [1989] and Horrors in A Retarded Mind [1990] cassettes; regardless, album versions are so much more convincing and suggestive, capturing the authentic spirit of that kult time; recent British gatefold sleeve double red/black splatter clear vinyl edition comes with both demo recordings on second vinyl