We Live 2LP
We Live 2LP We Live 2LP We Live 2LP


We Live 2LP

Label: Rise Above

Release Year: 2014
Artist Origin: ENG
Style: heavy psychedelic sludge doom metal

considered by many to literally be the heaviest ensemble in the world, Electric Wizard is more than a band - like a cult, conjuring up visions of Alistair Crowley having a black trip with HP Lovecraft, whilst gazing at the most far out biker flicks ever created; this, combined with the crustiest gravity-defying doom riffs and drones, has the only mission: to destroy!; on fifth studio full-length [2004] Jus Osborn returns with an entirely new line-up, cleaner, more refined sound and fair share of clean vocals; recent British double vinyl edition comes with a pro-printed insert and additional Tutti i Colori del Buio track