Awake 2LP
Awake 2LP Awake 2LP Awake 2LP


Awake 2LP

Label: East West / Atlantic / Music On Vinyl

Release Year: 2014
Artist Origin: USA
Style: groundbreaking emotional epic progressive metal

on the third full-length opus [1994] of New York wizards melodramatic metal is married with what used to be called progressive rock: eleven compositions constitute a richly orchestrated suite of moods from balladesque arrangements up to panterish anger and heavy, breaking rhythmics, tending towards mystic parables and symbols in the lyrics - a nightmare world of spiritual crisis, lost innocence, fractured identity, fatal temptation and stifling paranoia are all reflected in an apt way, while music lifts this tension to completely another level with its grand gestures and intricate passages; recent double 180g black vinyl edition for audiophiles comes with pro-printed fold-out insert