Rebel Souls CD DIGI
Rebel Souls CD DIGI Rebel Souls CD DIGI Rebel Souls CD DIGI


Rebel Souls CD DIGI

Label: Witching Hour
Price: 12€

Release Year: 2014
Artist Origin: POL
Style: dark relentless aggressive death metal

speaking of Damnation, it would be a blasphemy not to mention the band members - this is the entity where Inferno [Behemoth] has started his impressive drummer career, later founding Azarath along with guitar player Bart, while that era Behemoth bass player Les has kept spilling youthful energy and anger - sophomore longplay from 1996 is considered the culmination of their creativity, essentially shaping the classic Polish extreme metal profile with relentless, aggressive performance and gloomy, apocalyptic vibe, also brimming with unexpected interludes that still sound innovative after all these years; recent Polish four panel digipak edition with authentic sound and layout is limited to 500 units