Filthy Blasphemy LP
Filthy Blasphemy LP Filthy Blasphemy LP Filthy Blasphemy LP


Filthy Blasphemy LP

Label: Diabolic Might
Price: 16€

Release Year: 2017
Artist Origin: GRE
Style: savage gritty energetic thrash metal

raised on old school heavy/black metal dirt and thrash intensity, Filthy Blasphemy, sophomore full-length of the Hellenic trio, is a statement of essential dedication to authentic sound and careless attitude - regardless of the album title, recording quality is not completely underground and music comes decently produced, of course with as organic vibe maintained as possible - violent, aggressive tracks evoke early Possessed, Sodom and Aura Noir spirit with a sharp Motörhead flavour in the air as well; black vinyl edition with a pro-printed lyric insert and Gehennah Demolition Team cover is limited to 400 units