Blunt Force Trauma LP
Blunt Force Trauma LP Blunt Force Trauma LP Blunt Force Trauma LP


Blunt Force Trauma LP

Label: Roadrunner / Cargo

Release Year: 2011
Artist Origin: USA
Style: sharp revolting groovy thrash metal

this is the musical evocation [and possibly even the literal equivalent!] of the sensations following a car crash - abrupt, hyper-charged and possessed of some of the fiercest riffage and percussive bombardment by the Brazilian born Cavalera brothers' storied career; sophomore slump-defying declaration of angst proves it was no mere one-off, fluke or temporary side project - very heavy and consistently well above average hardcore thrashing record is followed by slower, groove-based choruses and breakdowns, and that is basically what mid-nineties Sepultura followers are still looking for!; German black vinyl edition comes with pro-printed lyric inner sleeve