Discipline CD
Discipline CD Discipline CD Discipline CD


Discipline CD

Label: Earache

Release Year: 2001
Artist Origin: NOR
Style: extreme thrash death black metal

sensational return of old death metal warmongers, who have been active as Cadaver since as mythical times as 1988: this incarnation of the band with slightly modified name featured Apollyon [Aura Noir, Immortal] on bass and vocals, and Czral [Virus, Aura Noir] on drums, along with guest appearance by both Faust and Fenriz; the album in question knocks you out with an ultimate vitriolic thrashing black metal wall of sound, glimmering with sharp and clear production, and a definite death metal roots from their past; music is supported by murderous urbane concept, making quite a stir upon its release - a fictional business card of clean up company representative after the muder comes as bonus