Rest In Peace LP
Rest In Peace LP Rest In Peace LP


Rest In Peace LP

Label: Osmose
Price: 25€

Release Year: 2016
Artist Origin: BEL
Style: obscure gritty darkened death metal

the one and only longplay by seminal Wallonian entity, featuring the late Dan "Cernunnos" Vandeplas, who has founded Enthroned few years later, was also one of the first releases by historical French label - prior to that he, along the band mates, was obsessed by evil, gritty and darkened death metal, paving their way through underground as Morbid Death from as far back as 1986 goes; eventually they switched to Blasphereion in late 1991 and recorded debut album right after, finalizing this remarkable journey, leaving a highly satanic message on eleven bludgeoning cuts; recent black vinyl re-issue of a long out of print item with updated layout and pro-printed lyric insert is limited to just 200 units