Dawn of The Serpent CD
Dawn of The Serpent CD Dawn of The Serpent CD Dawn of The Serpent CD


Dawn of The Serpent CD

Label: Grom
Price: 15€

Release Year: 2008
Artist Origin: NOR
Style: morbid straightforward unholy black metal

it was not just about Trond Bråthen [Urgehal], aka Alastor, who was an important part of Beastcraft since day one, but the music itself first of all that has been standing for the purity of obscure underground Norwegian black metal the way it was first introduced in early nineties - seems like they have been setting a cavernous sound on purpose, to thicken misanthropic and hateful atmosphere, and it effectively works: this compilation album features all three early demo tapes: Crowning the Tyrant [2005], Satanic Supremacy [2004] and Pentagram Sacrifice [2004], plus two previously unreleased tracks, but you will not find any progress in music, which sticks to the same primitive, devastating formula on and on and on; second pressing by Serbian label is limited to 1000 units