Литоургиiа [Litourgiya] LP
Литоургиiа [Litourgiya] LP Литоургиiа [Litourgiya] LP Литоургиiа [Litourgiya] LP


Литоургиiа [Litourgiya] LP

Label: Witching Hour
Price: 35€

Release Year: 2020
Artist Origin: POL
Style: intense mystical atmospheric black metal

nowadays rarely a new band of extreme metal manages to make such a stir as this anonymous [yet featuring musicians far from newcomer status] entity has made [2015] - an argument that it was partly achieved with the help of untypical image and concept is strong, yet behind the smokescreen, perverted religious message and the praise of medias that can surely cause a certain rejection, lurks indeed strong, mystical, distinct and quite mesmerizing material with an essential juxtaposition of intense black metal instrumentarium and atmospheric clean vocals; fifth limited gatefold sleeve black vinyl pressing