Au-Dessus MLP
Au-Dessus MLP Au-Dessus MLP Au-Dessus MLP


Au-Dessus MLP

Label: Witching Hour
Price: 25€

Release Year: 2015
Artist Origin: LTU
Style: eerie atmospheric post black metal

conformity shaking debut mini album by a baldly ambitious Lithuanian entity featuring entire ex.Paralytic line-up is insane and unpredictable - heavy riffs and melancholic progressions intertwine with ferocious cacophony of extremity and hysterical vocal paranoia, always delivered with thorough composition, significant energy and excellent execution, building a cohesive whole that is as much forward-thinking and open to development as deep-rooted and sharp; a great foundation to future achievements is laid via gatefold sleeve black vinyl edition - quite rare first press is limited to 350 units