Depths of Eternity 2CD
Depths of Eternity 2CD Depths of Eternity 2CD Depths of Eternity 2CD


Depths of Eternity 2CD

Artist: ASPHYX
Label: Century Media

Release Year: 2009
Artist Origin: NED
Style: raw savage intense death metal

two long out of print albums from middle nineties are combined on this double package: the most amusing thing is that it catches the glorious entity with two completely different line-ups: 1994's Eric Daniels' Asphyx focus more on mournful and doomy compositions that was a part of death metal reality back in mid nineties, masterfully honing every tiny detail with an oppressive, sharpened sound, while 1996's Bob Bagchus' incarnation sees the music returning back to its dynamic extremes, bashing through faster, exterminating material - actualy quite shamefully overlooked!; honourable recent edition comes with bonus demo and live tracks plus completely new layout spread through 24 page booklet