Margi Sakalai CD
Margi Sakalai CD Margi Sakalai CD Margi Sakalai CD


Margi Sakalai CD

Label: Todestrieb
Price: 12€

Release Year: 2007
Artist Origin: LTU
Style: emotional folk atmospheric black metal

Speckledy Falcons, the only album by shortly lived one man project, released by British label, has put Gargždai name into blackened metal books, while atmospheric, partly folklore nature of music gives way to recollect quite special, emotionally charged releases of Lithuanian scene from the mid nineties, when younger generation was drifting towards unbound naturalism, poetic nostalgia and primordial lyricism, used to make it up for lack of abilities to properly record the music, combined with more dreamy than grim instrumental parts, and if not the raspy voice or dirty guitar tone, we could speak here about completely different genre