The Razors Edge CD
The Razors Edge CD The Razors Edge CD The Razors Edge CD


The Razors Edge CD

Artist: AC/DC
Label: Albert / ATCO / Atlantic
Price: 12€

Release Year: 1990
Artist Origin: AUS
Style: fundamental loud rebelious hard rock

hard rock legend always had a special feedback from the audience, yet to nail historical, one of the most impressive pieces of modern music was absent even in dreams - the album of startling potency not only confirms exceptional band's firepower in terms of phenomenally gripping riffs, but also proves them able to summon the focus on essential things while composing, laying out the most memorable collection of songs in years: an instant Thunderstruck classic shakes off complacency with one mighty swipe, scouring the familiar terrain of piercing guitar lines, while Moneytalks is another direct hit, a pop-hook-with-a-wallop single; authentic German edition