The Walking Dead / Hallow's Victim CD The Walking Dead / Hallow's Victim CD


The Walking Dead / Hallow's Victim CD

Label: SST

Release Year: 2010
Artist Origin: USA
Style: kult authentic doom/heavy metal

this CD release by American doom/heavy metal pioneers features both recordings from 1985 with a different track listing and artwork, plus bonus Look Behind You added: TWD EP features different White Stallions version, and two new epics, representing the most focused picture of what these guys were all about back in the day; HV full-length was not only about gloom and depression - contrary to that formula, they throw in few high energy numbers and heavy metal juggernauts, while mid-paced groove of Just Friends [Empty Love] and epic Mystic Lady give the ominous end-of-all feeling back to the music; it is an eye-opening experience indeed, proving St.Vitus formidable creative abilities; US import