ВЕРОломство [CREEDamage] CD DIGI ВЕРОломство [CREEDamage] CD DIGI ВЕРОломство [CREEDamage] CD DIGI


ВЕРОломство [CREEDamage] CD DIGI

Label: Svarga / Casus Belli

Release Year: 2012
Artist Origin: UKR
Style: grandiose intricate folk pagan metal

it was not since 2006 that ex.drummer of Nokturnal Mortum would return with a brand new set of songs for his own project - the most mature work to date, embodying native, natural beliefs and primordial, pagan outlook along the glorious folk heritage; musical canvas of eleven tracks is decorated with atmospheric accords, powerful orchestral arrangements and of course hard-hitting, complex metal stamp; guest vocal contribution also comes from Masha "Scream" Arkhipova [Arkona] and Wulfstan [Forefather], who takes over Bathory's The Lake cover, three panel digipak edition with Russian lyrics