Fury & Flames LP
Fury & Flames LP Fury & Flames LP Fury & Flames LP


Fury & Flames LP

Label: Metal Blade

Release Year: 2008
Artist Origin: USA
Style: intense intricate brutal death metal

this is death metal album with no return in a very strict sense - consistently brutal and technically precise, it increases the veteran act's résumé of extremity, where malevolent bark-stripping hurricanes sound like the bowels of hell opening up in front of you; Hate Eternal's technical acumen has never been sharper, with lurching rhythms unraveling into pummeling drumrolls, and shattering guitars surfing the dominating chaos; all bass parts this time were performed by Alex Webster [Cannibal Corpse]; limited and hand-numbered gatefold sleeve viole[n]t 180g vinyl edition, copy #559/666