Demon Tales LP
Demon Tales LP Demon Tales LP Demon Tales LP


Demon Tales LP

Artist: MORTEM
Label: Merciless
Price: 18€

Release Year: 2016
Artist Origin: PER
Style: ferocious savage occult death metal

fundamental Southern American horde of ferocious occult death metal has been established in ancient 1986, and were true pioneers of the genre in the region for years to come - after almost a decade of demo recordings their gloomy, uncompromising, partly ritualistic sound was shaped, remarkably influenced by Possessed, early Death and the entire Floridian scene; finally in September of 1995 the recordings of debut full-length album were finished in Lima, spreading Mortem name in the entire planet via unbridled evil and utter darkness, enriched by dramatic atmosphere, slaying leads and vocal terror by Fernan Nebiros; recent German black vinyl re-issue comes with a pro-printed lyric insert