Arntor 2LP
Arntor 2LP Arntor 2LP Arntor 2LP


Arntor 2LP

Artist: WINDIR
Label: Voices Music / Season of Mist
Price: 35€

Release Year: 2021
Artist Origin: NOR
Style: epic monumental folk black metal

seven top-notch numbers in epic, monumental viking black metal sit on the second longplay [1999] by Windir, piercing the senses with memorable riffs and sweeping melodies, combined with rougher Nordic sound and raspy vocal attack; exceptional, atypical and historical album of Sogndal warrior is based on rich folklore tradition, featuring back at the time shocking yet successful integration of accordion into atmospheric extremity, with impressive Grieghallen production sticking over excellent songwriting on top; highly anticipated, gatefold sleeve double transparent white-marbled vinyl edition with pro-printed lyric inner sleeves is limited to 750 units