Shark Attack LP
Shark Attack LP Shark Attack LP Shark Attack LP


Shark Attack LP

Label: Hammerheart
Price: 25€

Release Year: 2021
Artist Origin: USA
Style: fast blasting intense thrash metal

sharing a handful of demos around for couple of years, actively competing to become the fastest band on earth, still in their teen years, Portland's beercore overlords were ready for their studio full-length debut in 1987, and it turned into a festival of hyperspeed rhythmics with violent, energetic riffs and abundance of piercing soloing indeed - descending from hardcore scene, five dudes lean more and more towards thrash and even grind standarts, nailing it in really tight and precise way, supported by pissed off expression of a frontman Tito Matos and crowned by raw, organic sound which teleports you to a small sweaty club show of mid eighties; recent Dutch gatefold sleeve black vinyl edition comes with Concrete Meat bonus, earlier available only on cassette version