At War With Satan 2LP
At War With Satan 2LP


At War With Satan 2LP

Artist: VENOM
Label: Sanctuary / Back On Black
Price: 28€

Release Year: 2016
Artist Origin: ENG
Style: malicious revolting black heavy metal

already with a preview at the end of Black Metal milestone, the devilish entity have revealed they are up to grandiose concept for their third longplay [1984] - a massive twenty minute epic of the title track was unprecedented, while B side marks their return to the more raw, unpolished sound; by that time Venom has got well acclaimed in the underground, also peaking into British magazines' charts and establishing the name as a black metal entity, living through the peak of their career; this essential gatefold sleeve double vinyl re-issue comes with eight rare bonuses from twelve inch vinyl singles, along the extensive liner notes and vintage photos inside the sleeve