Törritorium LP
Törritorium LP Törritorium LP Törritorium LP


Törritorium LP

Artist: TÖRR
Label: Monster Nation
Price: 25€

Release Year: 2006
Artist Origin: CZE
Style: loud massive blackened heavy metal

one of the most kult entities in Czech blackened heavy metal movement, more or less active since 1977 [!!!] has no intention to call it quits, moving on to face new challenges - trademark sound of veterans gets new shades, open for heavier moments and modern abilities of recording techniques, so fourteen track album number eight sounds poignant and powerful, yet it also has that organic touch inherent to Törr name, while Ota Hereš vocal expression and lyrics in native tongue remain one of the most characteristic features of this team, much like with Root and Master's Hammer; gatefold sleeve black vinyl edition with a pro-printed lyric insert is limited to 500 units