Alone 2LP
Alone 2LP Alone 2LP Alone 2LP


Alone 2LP

Label: Massacre / Back On Black

Release Year: 2017
Artist Origin: USA
Style: monumental epic doom heavy metal

eight year hiatus between the recording sessions and eventual line-up shifts were not healthy for the state of the Texas band, and this outstanding longplay [2006] has turned into the swansong album for genius heavy doom metal entity, best known for the trademark soar of vocalist Robert Lowe and infectious melodies of John Perez, yet no turbulence is able to take any charm off their brilliant music, effectively delivered for one last time: highly experienced in their craft, Americans revel in emotional drama setting a transcending atmosphere, and like a spooky movie leaving stains within the listener's mind, majestically progressing towards the ultimate finale; recent gatefold sleeve double clear vinyl edition